Florida Marijuana Grow House Eradication Act Cannabis Law Effective July 1

Tampa Criminal Defense AttorneyTampa Criminal Defense Attorney notifies Lawyers that On July 1, the rules regarding seized drugs change. Once the evidence is documented, it can be destroyed. New law also dictates harsher penalties for those who are convicted of running a grow house. Previously, growers only faced serious charges if they cultivated at least 300 plants. After the new law goes into effect, the standard will be reduced to 25 plants.

New Florida Drug Law law defines "cultivating" for specified purposes; prohibits owning, leasing, or possessing place, structure, trailer, or other described place with knowledge that it will be used to manufacture, sell, or traffic in controlled substance; provides that possession of specified number or more of cannabis plants is prima facie evidence of intent to sell or distribute; provides that person possessing place or conveyance used to manufacture controlled substance for sale & distribution commits specified felony if minor is present or resides there; provides that equipment used in manufacture may be photographed or video recorded & photograph or recording used as evidence; provides for destruction of equipment.

Florida Marijuana Grow House Eradication Act Cannabis Law