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Marijuana, cocaine, prescription, and other drug charges can be dropped. Tampa Bay area drug defense lawyer W. F. ''Casey'' Ebsary has experience and training as both a drug court Prosecutor and is now on the defense side helping people navigate treacherous waters when drug charges are at hand.

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A team approach is used in the Pinellas and Hillsborough County's Drug Treatment Court. In a court-supervised, comprehensive drug treatment program for non-violent people charged with drug crimes. This is a voluntary program that uses frequent appearances before the drug court judge and substance abuse treatment. Participants will appear before the drug court judge every 30 to 45 days. Upon completion of the Drug Court, the charges may be dismissed.

Some people enter the Drug Court as a condition of probation, successful completion may result in adjudication being withheld and/or a reduced length of probation. Drug court is a 24-month program. After completion at least one year, persons who have completed treatment, remained drug free and completed all of their requirements of Pre-Trial Intervention or probation may petition the court for a dismissal of the charges (Pre-Trial Intervention) or early termination of probation.

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