Participation in the Hillsborough Pinellas Pasco County Drug Court

Hillsborough Drug Court PTI Pre Trial InterventionA defendant’s eligibility for Drug Court is at the discretion of the State Attorney’s Office. One way to enter the Hillsborough / Pinellas Pasco County Drug Court is through the State Attorney’s Office Pre-Trial Intervention program PTI.

Another way defendants enter the Drug Court is as a condition of probation. Some people are disqualified from admission into Drug Court if they have been designated as an habitual felony offender or violent offender; or they have been convicted of a violent felony offense; convicted of arson; or have a criminal history involving sale of controlled substances for profit.

Drug Court focuses on defendants charged with possession offenses. However there are limited occasions where other types of drug charges are eligible. For example: Purchase of Drugs; Sale of drugs where the facts where the seller is supporting a habit; Property Crimes or other felonies where the offense was drug-related or influenced. With the help of a competent Drug Court Attorney, your lawyer may convince the State Attorney's Office otherwise.