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Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer Casey Ebsary reports there is a new program for paying fines and court costs at the Tampa Court House, Clerk of Court. Fore more information on the program see here: Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer - Fines Court Costs

Here is a quick Q & A on the Clerk of Circuit Court C-Pay Partial Payment Plan:

What is C-Pay?

C-Pay allows you to make monthly payments on your case(s) until the balance is zero.

Who is eligibie for C-Pay?

C-Pay is open to anyone who is involved in a case and wants to agree to the structured plan.

What does it cost to enroll in C-Pay?

On Civil cases (excluding traffic tickets) a one time $25.00 administrative fee will be added to the amount you owe.

On Criminal cases, Traffic cases and Traffic tickets a $25.00 administrative fee will be added to the amount you owe if you choose to pay off your plan within 5 months. An additional $5.00 will be added for each additional month over 5 months.

What will my payments be and how many payments will I have to make?

The Clerk will provide you with various options to choose from.

What happens if my payment is late or if I miss a payment?

Your account may be referred to one of our collection agencies which will cause the remaining amount you owe to increase by 40%.

How do I sign up for C-Pay?

Contact the Collection Department at: 813-276-8100, Extension 3896 for more information.

Edgecomb Courthouse Building
800 E Twiggs Street — Windows 11 and 12
Tampa, FL 33601

Hours of operation are Monday — Friday, 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Tampa Criminal Defense - Fines Court Costs