Florida Drug Attorney on Disclosure Confidential Informant

Tampa Florida Criminal Defense Attorney LawyerFlorida Prosecutors often resist disclosure of confidential informants used by the police in drug prosecutions. Florida Criminal Appeals Court ruled that a defendant who asserted that a confidential informant's testimony was necessary to establish a defense of entrapment, was entitled to an in camera hearing to determine whether state should be required to disclose identity of informant. The court stated that when a defendant files a sworn motion or affidavit alleging facts regarding informant's involvement that, if true, would support the possibility of a specific defense, the trial court was required to conduct in camera hearing to consider the necessity of the informant's testimony and the state's interest in nondisclosure.

Update on Confidential Informants is here: Confidential Informants

Source: 33 Fla. L. Weekly D2752a

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