Florida | Tampa Cocaine Indictments Coming | Video

Tampa Cocaine and Drug Defense Attorney, Lawyer Casey Ebsary has breaking news on a Hillsborough County, Florida Cocaine Trafficking bust this week. The investigation included hiding cocaine inside shipments of limes. The United States Attorney for the Middle District of Florida, State and Federal Law Enforcement including the Drug Enforcement Administration DEA appeared at the video press conference covered below. Here is a rundown and extensive video coverage:

As a result of the investigation, 33 have been federally indicted and dozens more will likely be charged, during this investigation the following evidence has been seized;

• over 40 kilos of powder cocaine
• approximately $600,000.00 in cash
• approximately 1,200 pounds of marijuana
• one half (1/2) kilogram of crack cocaine
• 13 vehicles
• water craft
• trailers
• several firearms

The value of the cocaine and marijuana seized is estimated at 2.5 million dollars.

Florida Cocaine Bust Video Report Part 1

Florida Cocaine Bust Video Report Part 2

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