10 Day Minimum Mandatory Jail | Treatment Track

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 Tampa Drug Defense Attorney has watched a recent trend in Treatment alternatives to Jail. Casey Ebsary was a Drug Court Prosecutor, experienced in Court with people facing jail from substance abuse-related incidents. Treatment focusses on legal issues caused by  alcohol and drug use and thus may be facing a 10-day jail sentence for DUI (10-Day DUI Treatment Track). Daily AA/NA meetings are required. There is a pre-admission medical assessment that must be conducted a week before entering the center. Cost: $4,000.00.

One10-Day Driver Intervention Program offers a program in a minimum-security jail environment. It is designed for men and women who are second-time DUI offenders. The program provides services aimed at reducing the likelihood of future DUI driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Services include  substance abuse assessment, alcohol and drug education, counseling and referral.

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10 Day Jail | Treatment Track