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Statewide Drug Strike Force
Drug Defense Attorney Lawyer has obtained a Pill Mill document that summarizes today's "inspections" of medical facilities across the State of Florida. It appears that the enforcement efforts are now targeting physicians / doctors. During the raids, over 100,000 doses were seized. The raids were called "inspections." the inspectors are collectively called a "Strike Force." There were no Search Warrants as they were allegedly operating under the moniker of an administrative inspection.

The report stated "practitioners [were] identified due to past purchasing and dispensing levels."  The document continues, "the Strike Force is charged with stopping the flow of dangerous drugs into communities by disrupting the major illegal supply points." Historically, Physicians have been the targets of state and federal drug trafficking charges.

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Video Report

Excerpts from the Report

During the inspections, the physician may: 

1) surrender the substances for destruction; or 

2) surrender them to law enforcement to be quarantined while the physician determines if they can be returned to the wholesaler; or 

3) request that the substances be quarantined at the location of the clinic or practice.
"The role of the Strike Forces [Statewide Drug Strike Force] in the inspections is to safeguard and secure the drugs, either on-site or at a law enforcement agency.  The drugs quarantined will either be destroyed or returned to wholesalers."

The Complete Pill Mill Inspection Report is here. 

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