Pinellas County Drug Court Update

Judge Farnell is the Pinellas County Drug Court Judge at the Pinellas County Courthouse on 49th Street. I am a former drug court Prosecutor and have extensive experience helping clients and their families navigate these hazardous waters. According to one report, "Judge Dee Anna Farnell, 58, has presided over Pinellas County’s drug court for five years. In 2009, she started the country’s first all-female drug court. 'These are nice people. They’re not bank robbers or murderers. They’re addicts.'” St Pete Times Dec 18, 2011.

Judge Farnell notes, "Drug court gives people an opportunity to get their lives back after something has truly taken their soul," she said. "And that's what these pills are doing." Someone I just spoke to recently called the Oxycodone family of drugs the "Devil's Drug." I am currently working on a series of charges where defendants from Kentucky have come to Florida seeking to maintain their supply.

Check here for an amazing Pinellas County Drug Court Report by the Tampa Bay Times.

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