Pasco Drug Operation "Operation Balderstone."

Operation Balderstone, Pasco County, Pasco, Drug Bust
Pasco Drug Bust
"Operation Balderstone."
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50 arrests for drug related charges in the last 24 hours in Pasco County Sheriff's Office's "Operation Balderstone."

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco just issued a warning.

“We’re sweeping the county right now making a lot of arrests, so if you’re a drug dealer or you’re involved with drugs, I would warn you, get out of Pasco County and stay out.”

The Tampa paper reports, "At 6 a.m. Wednesday, members of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office vice and narcotics unit and SWAT team raided a home at 15300 Pinellas Ave. Authorities seized about 14 grams of “black tar” heroin, 320 grams of marijuana, 46 grams of cocaine, $516 cash, two short-barreled shotguns, three pistols and a Mac 11 submachine gun." Weapons near drugs spell big trouble under the CSA Controlled Substances Act.