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http://drug2go.com and Tampa marijuana Attorney have a fully searchable Tampa Marijuana Cannabis defense database on marijuana and drug charges in Florida. This video discusses and Compares How to use probable cause and the possibility of drug charges being dismissed when police improperly search for and then seize contraband. Reviews Minimum Mandatory sentences may apply to some Drug Trafficking cases. W.F. "Casey" Ebsary, Jr. is a Board Certified Criminal Trial expert who defends drug crimes incuding Possession of Cannabis and Marijuana in Tampa, Florida.

Florida State Marijuana Law Summary:


20 g or less Misdemeanor 1 year $1,000 
More than 20 g Felony 5 years $5,000 

Sale or Cultivation:

Delivery of 20 g or less Misdemeanor 1 year $1,000 
25 lbs or less Felony 5 years $5,000 
25 to 2,000 lbs (or 2,000 plants) Felony 3 years MinMan* $25,000 
2,000 to 10,000 lbs (or 10,000 plants) Felony 7 years Min Man* $50,000 
10,000 lbs (or 10,000 plants) or more Felony 15 years MinMan* $200,000 
Within 1,000 feet of school or other Felony 15 years $10,000 

* MinMan = Mandatory minimum sentence.

Other Penalties:

Paraphernalia possession misdemeanor 1 year $1,000 
Any conviction causes driver's license suspension for 6 months to 2 years. 

Any sale or delivery occurring within 1,000 feet of a specified location is punishable by up to 15 years in prison and a fine of $10,000.
In Florida, Marijuana charges can be a disastrous charge to have on your record. A Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer in Hillsborough Tampa Florida , can be your attorney and defend you against drug charges.
Here are a Few Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Can Drug Charges be Dropped?

There are three main ways to avoid a conviction. Win the case at trial, get the evidence suppressed, or have the case diverted into the Drug Court. Criminal Defense Attorney, Lawyer Casey Ebsary of Tampa helps with, Marijuana and other drug charges that can be dropped. Tampa Bay area marijuana / cannabis defense lawyer W. F. ''Casey'' Ebsary has experience and training as both a drug court Prosecutor and on the defense side helping people navigate treacherous waters when drug charges are at hand. Aside from the drug court, sometimes law enforcement fails to follow the requirements of the Fourth Amendment on Search and Seizure. Courts sometimes suppress evidence and marijuana seized without a valid Search Warrant.The case cannot be prosecuted if key evidence is tossed.
What are the Penalties - Florida State Marijuana Law Penalty Summary:

An ever-increasing number of drug charges result in suspension of Driver's License. Additionally the penalties are listed below. Any conviction can result driver's license suspension for 6 months to 2 years.

Florida Statute § 893.135  Marijuana Minimum Mandatory Sentences

The Florida Statutes on Cannabis and Marijuana provide harsh minimum mandatory sentences that kick-in at 25 pounds and 2000 plants. The stakes become higher when 10,000 pounds or 10,000 plants are alleged and proven by admissible evidence to a jury and/or sentencing judge in Florida State Courts.

Knowingly sells, purchases, manufactures, delivers, or brings into the state, or who is knowingly in actual or constructive possession of:
Mandatory Minimum Sentence
Quantity of Marijuana
25 - 2000 lbs. or 300-2000 plants
3 years, $25,000 fine

2000 - 10,000 or 2000 -10,000 plants

7 years, $50,000 fine

10,000+ lbs. or 10,000 plants
15 years, $200,000 fine

Transcript: [Tampa Cannabis Defense Attorney Narrates] Hundreds of people are arrested every day. You may be one of them. I spend most of my time defending cases in State and Federal Courts. Many times drug crimes arise from searches of motor vehicles. Sometimes police will stop a car and then search it. Sometimes we are able to attack these searches when police do not have reasonable suspicion or probable cause to search the motor vehicle. In the event we can suppress the evidence, we may be able to have the drug charges dismissed, since there is no longer any evidence to be admitted against you in a criminal prosecution and evidence becomes unavailable for admission in a trial. I have arrived at my destination - one of the many courthouses in Tampa Bay where I help people. Let me help you. Criminal charges in State or federal Court? Let me help. Call me at 813-222-2220. Let me drive to court to help you.[End of Tampa Cannabis Defense Lawyer Narration]

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