How long will a Medical Marijuana Card be Valid - Chapter 893 Statute if Florida Legalizes Medical Marijuana? - Part 7

How long will a Florida
 Medical Marijuana Card be Valid ?
How long will a Florida Medical Marijuana Card be Valid ?

This series continues to explore how Marijuana Laws in the Florida Statutes might be changed should the voters, the courts, and/or the legislature be so inclined. Here are some issues that will outline How long will a Medical marijuana Card be Valid under the proposed language of the law:

(a)  An identification card shall be valid for a period of one year.

(b)  Upon annual renewal of an identification card, the county health department or its designee shall verify all new information and may verify any other information that has not changed.

(c)  The county health department or the county’s designee shall transmit its determination of approval or denial of a renewal to the Florida Department of Health.

(d)  The Florida Department of Health shall establish application and renewal fees for persons seeking to obtain or renew identification cards that are sufficient to cover the expenses incurred by the department, including the startup cost, the cost of reduced fees for Florida Medicaid beneficiaries in accordance with subdivision (b), the cost of identifying and developing a cost-effective Internet Web-based system, and the cost of maintaining the 24-hour toll-free telephone number. Each county health department or the county’s designee may charge an additional fee for all costs incurred by the county or the county’s designee for administering the program pursuant to this statute.

(e)  Upon satisfactory proof of participation and eligibility in the Florida Medicaid program, a Florida Medicaid beneficiary shall receive a 50 percent reduction in the fees established pursuant to this section.

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