Video - Florida Forfeiture and Seizure - Cops Gone Wild

drug forfeiture, Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act
Florida Forfeiture and Seizure
Cops Gone Wild
Cops and communities have a new contest - let's see how much stuff we can take from citizens using civil forfeiture, even though they are not convicted criminals. These cops gone wild seize cash and assets then post “trophy shots” of money. Some police advocate highway interdiction as a way of raising revenue for cash-strapped municipalities.

$2.5 Billion Seized Without Warrant or Indictment | Civil Forfeiture

There are seminars and training firms that help agencies and communities get in on the forfeiture gold rush. One was quoted in the Washington Post saying, “All of our home towns are sitting on a tax-liberating gold mine,” This cop gone wild published his book under a fake name since he is also a marketing specialist for an interdiction training firm. Lets take a look at the consequences of civil forfeiture . . . #copsgonewild

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