Growhouse Busted in Winter Haven, Florida - Video From the Inside

Polk County, Florida has one less growhouse after today's bust in Winter Haven, Florida. Forfeiture of the residence is possible.

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Polk County, Florida Growhouse 
Here is some video from inside the otherwise unremarkable suburban home, a map of 124 Elliott Ln, Winter Haven, FL 33884 and here is the haul according to the media darling, Grady Judd:

  • 33 pounds of processed marijuana 
  • 300 marijuana plants 
  • 100 bags of cannabis 
  • 2 freezers 
  • $4,600 in purloined electricity over 90 days 
  • $151,000 Bond 

Growhouse Criminal Charges include:

  • Grand theft of a utility 
  • Trafficking and cultivation of cannabis.

Video Inside the Polk County, Florida Growhouse

Here is a Map of the Alleged Polk County Growhouse at 124 Elliott Ln, Winter Haven, FL 33884



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